PART I: SIL80 Footsteps

The Tuffcore SIL80 has seen a lot of changes since it was first purchased in late July 2011. Some have been due to the fact that I felt I was on the limits of the car and to improve my drifting, the mods were made. Others, because of future ruling […]


Tuffcore SIL80 Progress II

Well it’d been a busy month and the Tuffcore SIL80 is finally back together and looking like a drift car again. The painting of the interior as been finished, the console is back together, both bucket seats and harnesses are back in and a quick release kit has been fitted […]


Tuffcore SIL80 Gets A Makeover Part I

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Mr-Ace-K Productions and in Tuffcore land. We have finally had the ability to purchase some new equipment ┬áPrevious Post Here >>>> (http://mr-ace-kproductions.com/?p=481) and the Tuffcore SIL80 has had some major internal work done….   Now sporting a full 6 point weld in […]