While not new to owning classic cars such as a 260z and an AC Cobra in the past, Alistair is one of our newer members who has a keen eye for classic cult cars and bringing them back to their original glory. One of his “almost” finished projects is his amazing looking and sounding 1973 Datsun 240z.

Photos & Words: Dale Mracek


I think most people would agree, that the early model Z-series cars really are a cult vehicle of choice anywhere around the world today. Finding one that hasn’t been cut up or hacked to bits is like finding a needle in a haystack. After 6 months of looking, Al was lucky enough to come across his through the Vic Z club. Located in Coffs Harbour, Al wasted no time in getting a flight to visit with what he claims was “love at first sight”. While it may have looked a little miserable when first purchased, it was clean, basically rust free (a rarity in any classic car) and was running…kind of.  And so began Al’s journey of dream into reality for his newly beloved Datsun.


Comprising of the biggest of the engines, the glorious L28 straight 6 was initially given some treatment with a flush of the fuel lines, timing fixed, a new 280zx coil was sourced and the twin SU’s tunes. Unfortunately (or fortunately? Depends how you look at it), shortly after registration, the old girl blew a head gasket so Al decided to go all the way – no pun intended 😉

Being the L28 (2.8ltr) the first thing to do is to add triples of course! A new cylinder head was blue printed with bigger 280zx valves and the now famous triple 40 DOCE weber’s were added and tuned as well as the distributor being re curved. This all flows out a 2.5 inch exhaust with custom headers and manifold!…….And the noise….. well it’s just pure seduction!

Behind the L28 is, believe it or not, a S13 turbo gearbox with short shifter. Cusco strut braces front and rear help reduce any chassis flex.




Suspension wise everything is reasonably stock at present, with the shoes being 15 inch Rota RkR’s in Hyper Black wrapped in sticky Toyo tyres. It really sets the silver off on this Datsun don’t you think? Body work includes a carbon rear fairlylady 432 carbon spoiler and tail insert as well as a new rear bumper done in “Euro Styling” with out the overriders. The front air dam was sourced from the USA and wrapped by John Papa of Insane Drifters fame!





The attention to detail Al puts into all his cars is second to none. The interior was completely stripped and a new console sourced with sound matting installed along with it. All lighting was replaced with LED’s to not only reduce the load to the electrical system but also allow better vision of dials at night. New 240z badges were sourced, cleaned and replaced, and now hosting fairlady badges inside and out! To top it off, the “Z” insignias sprinkled throughout the car just really finish it off and tie the car together beautifully.

_MG_9795_MG_9801_MG_9791What’s next for the mighty Z? Al says taking care of any further rust, some coilovers for a subtle drop and some minor engine work would really finish off his checklist of things to do.

Then… drive and enjoy it of course! Why else would you buy a Datsun!?


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